Environmental Responsibility


Elite Minerals is committed to complying with regulatory requirements in all of its exploration, development, mining, and closure activities while preserving the local environment for our host communities and for future generations.

At Elite, operations are guided with a precautionary approach to environmental management. The aim is to minimize our environmental impact and ensuring overall environmental responsibility both within the company and our host communities. The approach to this is being proactive in environmental responsibilities, and with due care.

Water management is fundamental to our operations and the Company remains committed towards maintaining local water quality and the sustainability of current and future water allocation. This is achieved by:

  • Reducing clean water in flows into the plant;
  • Maximizing the re-use of water in our processing plants;
  • Polishing of waters by allowing particles to settle at the bottom of the dams before they are discharged to the downstream.
  • Strictly ensuring no use of chemicals in any form

    • Rehabilitation and next land use planning

      Elite Minerals is committed to sustainable land use and mine-site rehabilitation as an integral part of our mining process. Initiatives include:

      • Progressive rehabilitation of pits and dams by backfilling;
      • Where pit sequencing allows, backfilling pits so allowing a next land use agreed to by our stakeholders;