General Operations

Akyem Takyiman Project:

Elite Minerals Ghana owns and operates the Akyem Takyiman operations. The type of mining here is mainly alluvial and it is located in the Eastern region of Ghana and approximately 10 km northeast of the town of Kyebi, the seat of the Akyem Kingdom. The mine is accessible by a combination of paved and gravel roads and electric power to the site is available locally from the Ghana power grid. The operations at Akyem Takyiman represents the company's main operations for now. The operations thrive on the use of Gravity Mobile Plants which are capable of processing a minimum of 4,000m3 of alluvial ore per day. The plants are supported with a number excavators, dozers and engines to provide the full compliments of machinery required to drive the operations. The current capacity will however be doubled before the close of the year 2016 through various investments in both machinery and human capital which is currently underway. The company is currently undertaking detailed geological survey in the Akyem Dompem, Dokyi and Larbikrom enclaves that will support its growth strategy. Initial findings have been in line with projections. Essentially, less than 20% of the 78km2 concession has been mined and hence, the medium to long term overview of the operations looks positive.