Management Personnel

Chief Executive Officer - Alvin K. B. Mensah

Alvin K B Mensah is the Chief Executive Officer of Elite Minerals Ghana Ltd. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of the company. He holds a BBA, Finance Major from Howard University, USA. An astute and vision –oriented entrepreneur; he is the primary architect of the company’s success and responsible for making all the decisions that has brought the company this far in the industry, as a result of which his experience in managing and leading mining operations has become extensive. Prior to starting up Elite Minerals Ghana Ltd, he has held various positions as a financial analyst with JP Morgan and Arabac Grazing, and also as a Managing Partner of Value Investment Group, a real estate investment business, all in the United States of America. He is currently a member of the Executives of Small Scale Miners Association of Ghana and has attended several seminars that are key to managing a mining business.

Field Operations Manager - Mr. Peter Kyei-Kwarteng

is the Field Operations Manager of the company. He is a Mining Engineer with industrial experience in the following fields; Underground & Surface mining, Processing, Extraction and Smelting. He also has extensive experience in mineral Exploration in alluvial projects and its evaluation. His career over the years also put him in various managerial positions for 15 years where hard work and discipline has always been his back bone.

His career in mining started in 1978 with Prestea Goldfields Ltd in Prestea, Ghana as a Technical Mining Assistant, then to Dunkwa Goldfields Limited in Dunkwa, Ghana as a Shift Supervisor. Other notable positions held within Dunkwa Goldfields during those earlier parts of his career include, Mine Reduction Engineer, Mine Planning Engineer, and Plant Metallurgist. He left this company as a Snr. Metallurgist – 1990

Mr. Kyei-Kwarteng also worked as a Mining Engineer for Golden Rae Mining Cop. Ltd. and Asikam Gold Mining Ltd between 1990 and 1995 and as a Mines Superintendent at King Midas Mining Co.Ltd at Bonte, Ghana (2000-2004) then with MED Mining as an Operations Manager (2004-2009). In between these major roles, he worked in various capacities on a number of exploration works as a consultant.

He also has international exposure as a Plant and Gold Metallurgist Manager at Bassari Resources Limited in Dakar, Senegal between 2010 to 2011 from where he has been working as a consultant before joining Elite Minerals

Mr. Peter Kyei-Kwarteng holds a Diploma in Mining Engineering from University of Science & Technology. – Kumasi (1978) and Certificates in Mines Rescue, Certificate of Competency etc. and also a Membership; – Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Society of Ghana (MMPSG). His contribution to the field operations in Elite Minerals has been immense since he joined the company in the last quarter of 2015 to support the growth of the company.

Financial Controller - Mr. Dominic Idan

This role is performed by Mr. Dominic Idan. He is a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICA-Ghana). He also holds certifications in Information Technology from IPMC. These include; Certificate of Achievement- Information Technology Qualified Professional(ITQP) Certificate Of Achievement –Networking Essentials Plus AND Creating & Managing Website Solution with FrontPage 2003. His experience runs over 5 years through Ghana Audit Service, Audit Firms and Plant pool companies that serve the mining industry. He has strong skills in critical evaluation and has a problem solving attitude, attentive to details with a commitment to completing all assigned tasks on time with quality and accuracy. His distinctive competence is in financial modeling, project evaluation, Auditing, Compliance, Finance and Accounting. His contribution to the organisation fits well within the multi-facets of the firm.

Operations Manager - Robert Mensah Gavie

This function is currently undertaken by Robert Mensah Gavie. He holds a BSc, Administration, Banking and Finance from the University College of Education. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Administration and Management Consultants. A self-starter with a strong sense of urgency, he has over 15 years banking experience with Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays Bank, coupled with strong skills set in general administration and operations. Prior to joining Elite Minerals Ghana Ltd, he has also been involved in providing private consulting services to businesses as an operations consultant.

Human Resource Manager - Amina Laminu

The Human Resource function is undertaken by Amina Laminu. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ghana with speciality in Human Psychology. She is also a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (HRMP) Prior to joining the company, She had over five (5) years practical experience in this sector that saw her in notable companies like the Busua Beach Resort, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration etc.She has evolved Human Resource Department and structured it in a way that makes it functional in a way that fits the operations of the company.By teaming up with the Operations Team, they have developed human capital requirements plan for each project the company has in line; that is , the mix of personnel required per machine, plant and per site etc and their conditions of service. This advance human capital planning has enabled Elite to be more efficient.